5 of Pentacles




Upright position:


Loneliness, destitution, loss of possessions, poor health, despair due to spiritual impoverishment


The 5 of Pentacles can point to a time when life is feeling less than secure. The important thing to remember is that there is always help available when we need it, from forces both seen and unseen. You may feel alone, but you have the capacity to change that. Reach out.

General: In general, the 5 of Pentacles points to a feeling of being left out in the cold, as though everyone else in the world has everything and you are the only one that is suffering. Realize that this is not the case. Do the best you can, with what you have, but remember that the wise thing to do, if one needs help, is to go out and ask for it. The help you need will come.

Work can be either burdensome or non-existent when this card appears, and you may be feeling stuck. Know that you do not have to stay in a situation that is not healthy or workable for you, have faith in yourself and the universe that changes are possible. You don't have to do everything all on your own. If you need a new position, ask everyone you know for possibilities. Things will get better. Have faith!

Love: The 5 of Pentacles is not a particularly happy indicator when it comes to love questions, unfortunately. You may have your eye on someone who you feel is not treating you the way they should. It may be that you need to stop fantasizing about this person entirely. This card can be very much a card of feeling left out in the cold. It's important to remember that there is never only one person that we can be with and have a soul-level, happy, meaningful relationship. When love is right, you don't have to do back flips to make it work. Broaden your horizons and try hard to think positively. You are not an unlovable troll.

Finances: You may feel as though all is lost with regard to money. Take a deep breath and re-think. You are not all alone with no help, even if you don't know anyone at all in your immediate surroundings. Reconsider things, skills, and situations, that you may have dismissed. If you need financial help, don' t be too proud to ask for it. There is always something that can be done to put food on the table. This period is temporary. Be sure you are getting good, workable advice.

Health: Due to other stressors you may be blowing small health issues out of all proportion. Be sure to get things evaluated (even if you have no money and no health insurance, there is always a way to get treatment if you are persistent) and then do the best you can to take care of them. Meditation and relaxation is key to improving your health. Meditate even if all you can manage is 30 seconds at a time.

Spirituality: Remind yourself of the reality that nothing lasts forever, particularly if you are having a difficult time, as this card often indicates. Also stay mindful of the reality that we are all connected and that allowing someone to help you is a blessing to THEM as well as a blessing to you. Do not try to do everything all on your own. Have faith that things will get better - because they will.




Reversed position:


Material difficulties, ruination, serious problems, health problems, wasteful, disorder, chaos, unfairness


The 5 of Pentacles reversed can point to a time when you are about to move from feeling not very secure into feeling safer. Whether it's because you've realized the time has come to reach out to others, or because you are beginning to see some concrete new prospects, this is a very good thing.

General: In general, the reversed 5 of Pentacles says that in the recent past you may have felt "left out in the cold," as though everyone but you had everything made in the shade - but that feeling is passing. Your confidence should be beginning to renew now. Trust any reasons you're feeling for being upbeat.

Work: You may be moving beyond a place of feeling stuck when this card appears; new opportunities may suddenly be on the horizon. Don't hesitate, move forward with confidence. Yes, the period just behind you may have been a bit bleak, but that doesn't mean that the future will be bleak, too. Think positively and go after what you want and need.

For reasons unseen, you may feel something that has been holding you back sort of breaking free. Suddenly, you feel more open to love, more able to take the chance of being vulnerable, and when this happens, almost magically, you may find yourself recieiving more love. Be open. If you're already committed, the relationship may suddenly draw closer and become more pleasing. The only problem this card can point to is if your relationship has been built on "it's us against the cold, cruel world." to survive, if you have that attitude, that must change.

Finances: Especially if you've been worried about money, it seems as though the worry is about to lift. Something comes through that allows you to breath easier. You will finally know, through and through, that you are going to be all right financially. Just do your part, and don't heistate to ask for help or advice if you need it.

Health: For no apparent reason you may find yourself feeling much better physically. Worrying about your health helps nothing and in fact tends to make you feel worse. Think positively, and trust that this better health can last, because it can. Support your health by eating well and exercising when you can.

Spirituality: As you see your life improving, you will begin to find yourself feeling more trusting of the universe and the "powers that be." Give thanks for all the good things--and good people in your lives. Consider how you might share the (spiritual) gifts you've been given, even if that's as simple as sharing a meaningful story from your childhood. Pass it on.