6 The Lovers




Upright position:


Love, harmony, trust, honor, the beginning of a romance, optimism, a meaningful relationship/affair


The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, "The Twins." It almost always points to partnerships with just one other person; generally, and not surprisingly, this indicates a romantic partnership, but of course this is not always the case. Less frequently, it points to the duality that all of us have inwardly - between male/female, yin/yang, approach/avoidance, and the like.

It's possible when this card appears that you are feeling ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life. It could be that your heart is telling you one thing, and your head, another. In general, the thing to do is (within the bounds of your morality) to follow your heart. Some people say there are only two modes that any of us are operating under at any time; and that's "fear" or "love." When you can: choose love.

Work: You may be facing a choice or decision in relation to work. Analyze all available information, then make your best choice. It's possible that what you initially interpret as a bad thing will turn out to work in your favor. Be cautious about mixing business with romance; if you chose to go there, make sure you know exactly what the stakes are.

Love: When this card appears, it usually means this time is likely to bring LOVE in capital letters to the center stage of your life. This is either a new relationship, or a powerful re-bonding of an old one. Either way you will be quite happy about how romance is going and others will likely remark that you are "glowing." This is serious stuff. It could mean, even in a new relationship, where you are meeting each other's families and talking about "forever." Again, share your joy with those around you who need it. Life will feel blissful to you now, which is wonderful.

Finances: Things are likely to be going so blissfully for you romantically that it would be easy for you to lose track of where you are with your personal/financial life. Most things can wait, of course, but some things absolutely can not so just be sure that you don't lose sight of the things you really must do.

Health: If you are facing health challenges, know that the right partner to help you get back to wholeness will come to you. Whether that's a traditional doctor, nurse, or healer depends a great deal on your preferences and choice in life. Again, if you are facing challenges, think deeply about your current understanding about health and wellness, and undertaking any healing affirmations/forgiveness work that you may need to do.

Spirituality: Again, working with a special person, like a mentor or leader that you have faith in can help you along your spiritual journey. However, don't blindly follow; question everything, listen to your heart and your gut reactions; take what is offered that is helpful to you, and disregard the rest. A mentor may be getting ready to come into your life. Remember the old saying: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."



Reversed position:


Unreliability, separation, frustration in love, fickleness, untrustworthy, bad or the wrong choice


Even when reversed The Lovers is a powerfully positive omen, particularly of course for romantic relationships, but in truth, for all relationships in your life. The card is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, "The Twins."

When this card appears in reverse, it’s very likely that you are feeling ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life. You must pay attention to what your gut is telling you and to try to analyze and get clear about what this is and why. Your feelings and emotions are there for a reason. Don’t ignore them.

Work: When this card appears in reverse, you may be finding yourself feeling a powerful attraction to someone that you work with. This is not a bad thing, however the reversal does indicate that you should be more than usually cautious with mixing business and pleasure. Be sure that you know what you’re getting into. Could you lose your job as a result? Can you afford that? Don’t be arrogant, and think through the worst case scenarios before you leap.

Love: Even in reversal this card is an excellent omen for your lovelife in coming days. The reversal in this context simply slightly weakens the overall very positive energies for love coming for you, and it may indicate a slight delay in how soon you will be feeling much better about your love life in general. Still, think positively. This is a great time to get out and meet people.

Finances: When the love card appears in reverse, it can indicate that you are paying far too much attention to your love life and far too little attention to other important things, including friendships, finances, and the rest of your personal life. If you need help, ask for it. Letting finances get out of control is a mistake no matter what else is going on in your life. Don’t lose sight of the things that you must attend to, no matter how much you feel that you are “walking on air.”

Health: If you are struggling with your health now, the appearance of the lovers card in reverse can indicate that your own care and concern for yourself and your body is critical now. Try to find it in yourself to love your body, even if it hurts you, even if it has “let you down.” It still has served you in many positive ways and likely still does. If you need help and support for this process reach out. Your self esteem and self care is paramount now.

Spirituality: The appearance of the lovers card in reversal when related to questions of spirituality can indicate that if you are not careful, you may find yourself “falling in love” with someone who is meant to be a teacher, pastor, or instructor. Try to be circumspect about such feelings if they should arise. Sometimes love in such contexts can actually interfere with and prevent learning from your teacher all that they have to offer. If a teacher or mentor is claiming to be in love with you, think long and carefully before embarking on a relationship with such a person. They could be abusing a position of trust. Caution is needed here.