8 of Pentacles




Upright position:


Learning a trade or profession, employment is coming soon, skill, handiwork, small money gain


The 8 of Pentacles can indicate a period of very hard work. This does not have to be a negative thing, but you must be prepared for it. Think about what it is that you are working for. This work can be personal or professional. Be prepared to ask for help if you need it.

General: : The 8 of Pentacles in general points to necessary efforts. You will have a lot on your plate that you must accomplish. Dedication to the tasks at hand is important (and admirable,) but working for its own sake can be counterproductive. Be clear on what you are trying to accomplish. Strive for balance. No one can or should work all the time.

If you are seeking employment, this card can indicate that you will be hired into a new position that tests your skills and is demanding. Have faith in yourself, that you can do what is needed to be successful in the position. If you are currently working, you may be saddled with far more responsibility and tasks than can be accomplished well. Don't hesitate to request assistance from supervisors with prioritizing. You can only do so much; be realistic.

Love: If you are currently committed, your workload or that of your partner may be interfering with the relationship. Make a point to make time and space for the relationship regardless of your jobs, otherwise things will suffer. If you are looking for love, the appearance of this card often tells us that you are actually too focused on money and what you do for a living to really create space in your life for a new relationship. Consider your priorities and where your time and energy goes. If you want love, make sure you have room for it.

Finances: The 8 of Pentacles can tell you that you may receive financial assistance that you have been waiting for or hoping for. However, you don't want to squander these resources. Be cautious and circumspect. Think long-term. This is not a time to gamble. Money coming to you now comes as a result of work, not luck.

Health: You may need to take action in order to improve your health status. Even if you are paralyzed from the neck down, there are things that you can actively do to help yourself, think about what these things might be, and then follow through. Every action makes a difference. Think positively.

Spirituality: Consider the spiritual aspect of life with regard to your working life whether or not you work at a traditional job. Why are you doing what you are doing? What growth are you creating? You will benefit from actively reading more about spirituality and talking with those who come from belief systems other than your own. Be open, and you will benefit.




Reversed position:


Skills are not being used properly, a dislike of hard work, ambition is void, ambition collapse, greed


Whether you're in the mood to put your "nose to the grindstone" or not, the reversed 8 of Pentacles tells you that in order to be sucessful and happy in the near future, you are going to have to play your part. Everyone fantasizes about "get rich schemes," but the truth is, as they say, there is no free lunch. Do your part. You will be glad that you did.

If you draw the reversed 8 of Pentacles and are seeking employment, be prepared to impress prospective employers with what a hard worker you are/can be, and be prepared to back up your statements. If you are already employed, it's possible that you may be asked to do more than is humanly possible. Give it your best and then some; before you will be given help, you are likely to have to show that you are doing 110% and it's not possible for one person to do all that needs to be done. Trying to avoid tasks, now, however, can get you fired.


Love: The reversed 8 of Pentacles can show in a current relationship that one or both of you may not be prepared to do the "work" that is necessary to maintain a happy and fulfiling relationship. Rethink this. Relationships are not a parking lot, people do not just form a relationship or marriage and live happily ever after. On the other hand, you are the only part of the equation that you can control. Do your part, and then see what happens. If you're looking for love, you are going to have to work to find it. Don't just sit home and imagine it falling out of the sky. Build your own happy, fulfilling life, and get out and meet people, if you really want love in your life. Don't fool yourself that it will just magically happen.

Finances: The reversed 8 of Pentacles can warn us about being slightly delusional about money. There's no harm in dreaming, but don't count on the lottery to fix your financial problems. Be willing to work. Be patient. They say "good things come to those who wait" but it should really be "good things come to those who work - and wait." Nearly every "overnight success" was actually years in the making.

Health: The 8 of Pentacles reversed urges that you do some work and take some action in order to improve your health status. There is always something that can be done. If you don't know what to do to improve your general health, or if you are having worrying symptoms that you don't know how to fix, don't hesitate to seek help from a medical professional. Ignoring things does not lead to healing.

Spirituality: The reversed 8 of Pentacles, again, urges some action even in the context of a spiritual question. This is not the time for quiet contemplation, if you are seeking spiritual growth, this is a time for taking steps, meeting new people, trying new approaches, going places, and opening yourself up - all of which "takes work." You can do it and the benefits can be enormous.