Ace of Cups




Upright position:


Emotional growth, prosperity, sincerity, joy, abundance, happiness, good relationships, creativity, love, marriage, birth of a child


The Ace of Cups is a very powerful, positive omen relating to love, happiness, affection and new beginnings.

General: Things are looking up! In general, people will respond to you with happiness, love, and goodwill, more than usually in the near future. You should be feeling good. This is a great time to make friends.

Work: This can signify a promotion and/or new, good job headed your way. You and your work are appreciated and valued - and you should see signs of this soon.

Again, this is an excellent omen regarding love; either an existing relationship is going to take a turn for the better (almost like a new, encouraging start,) or, if you are uncommitted, a new relationship is likely to appear soon.

Finances: This augurs good possibility for money, in the context of "something new." It could mean that you will find a new job if you are looking for work, or some extra work on the side that you could do if you are already working, or even that you will be given a gift of some money to help you out. Definitely, again, good news.

Health: Your health is likely to take a turn for the better; you should be feeling healthy and full of energy.

Spirituality: The Ace of Cups shows a need for you to "give back" some of the love that you have been given in life/that you are experiencing. This is also a connection to the divineā€¦.on a spiritual level, meditate on the idea that you are a beloved child of the universe, and feel the support that comes to you "from the other side," as it is always there, all you have to do is look for it.




Reversed position:


Instability, selfishness, manipulation of a loved one, the change of situation, emotional turmoil, vulnerability, anxiety, volatility, choice


The reversed Ace of Cups is a positive omen, but in general you may be feeling a bit stuck. Know that with your time and attention, you can resolve most blockages.

General: Look at where you feel some blockages in life, and consider how you might act to remove those blocks and get the energy flowing again.

Work: Work should be going well. If you are looking for new employment or trying to make a change, you should see some signs of progress in weeks to come, although not immediately. Hang in there.

Love: The reversed Ace of Cups is not a bad omen, but it can indicate that things aren't quite where they need to be for your love life to really thrive. Look at yourself, first. Have you truly dealt with everything necesary to allow you to live life with an open heart? If you're in a love relationship, it may not be one that is best for you. Think about what you really want and need in life. Get help if you need it.

Finances: You may have an emotional bond to or about your work which is not serving you well personally now. Are you staying in an unhappy job situation because you have feelings for the people/persons involved? Take a moment to consider what you want and need. Change is not always bad.

Health: The reversed Ace of Cups tells you that your health in general is probably pretty good, and may be likely to take a turn for the better. Self-esteem and self-love can be an important predictor of health. Is yours where it needs to be?

Spirituality: The Reversed Ace of Cups shows a need for you to be more proactive about loving yourself. If you don't love and care for yourself, just as you are, today, how can you expect other humans to do so? Being kind to yourself is important. Consider your connections to the spiritual world. You may need more time alone to meditate.