Tarot divination with one card




For those who are just beginning to explore the Tarot, this is the best way to fortune telling. Usually we are interested in a specific answer to the question, because we are already sufficiently well know, as we go, and it makes no sense to ask it again cards. Many a prophet believes that it is the fastest and most accurate way to get an answer to your question. The main condition is the exact formulation of the question or problem. The question should not be where the answer is yes or no, because the situations are never unambiguous and taro gives a broader response. Before making a reference to be ready to hear the answer, because it will not always be pleasant and flattering to you and make you look deeper into himself with a critical eye.





Take your time to read it as soon as possible fallen verb, but carefully check the card and try to go into it in order to understand the message. The card depicts nothing is random, each symbol is important, so try yourself first to understand what emotions you cause the card, there's an activity is shown as you describe what is happening on the other card, maybe you get a card evokes the emotions or events. First of all let their imagination free rein and only then read the card description. Compare his feelings about the card having the lines described and consider how they are the same or different. Remember that your personal experiences are among the most important!